A $13m Investment in Frontier Technologies

Andrew Charter
December 6, 2022
2.5 min read
A $13m Investment in Frontier Technologies

The development of new technologies is hard. And it is expensive. Particularly so when undertaking a high-octane endeavour specifically assembled to breach a technology frontier, and in so doing meaningfully deliver upon the long held promise of I4.0. An endeavour intent on bringing to market an integrated technology stack which appreciably ‘moves the enterprise performance needle’ for real economy businesses - those of the highly complex, multi-phase and capital intensive processes of the primary and secondary industrial domain.

It’s hard because it demands exceptional, multi-disciplinary humans invigorated by audacity and imagination. Because the industrial processes concerned - inclusive of their wider supply chain, economic and compliance ecosystems - are themselves extraordinarily complicated.

It’s expensive because it requires an innovation process which spans years, encompassing the sciences, engineering and mathematics, with R&D activities necessarily including extensive, long-term industrial trials.

Nanodyn has invested $13m in precisely such an endeavour. The outcome being a suite of trial-proven I4.0 process optimisation technologies for primary and secondary industry. This is an important outcome in support of the growing tech sector in the Cape Winelands region. It is of even greater importance for South Africa. Like so many economies with a deep industrial heritage, the country is facing the peril of long-run de-industrialisation and the diminishing of innovation capacity in both large state institutions and corporate behemoths.

Through a combination of its proprietary cloud platform, a battery of its Machine Learning driven Advanced Process Control (APC) interventions and its sophisticated industrial hardware, Nanodyn’s integrated technology stack delivers unprecedented process optimisation gains. It does so in a manner which aids and augments human capacity - solutions which synthesise human, machine and data in a new cybernetic harmony. The future in these industries is one with humans, and not without them.

Nanodyn is delivering today upon the promise of tomorrow.

Beyond the measurable improvement in key industrial process metrics, our technologies enable a recalibration and reprioritisation of CAPEX, the enhancement of human impact and incentivisation, the real-time interrogation of a processes’s environmental footprint and, critically, facilitates the update of operational doctrine. These contributions result in Nanodyn materially contributing to systemic enterprise performance and not just the efficacy of industrial processes.

This performance-centric objective reflects a wider keystone philosophy in Nanodyn, and has determined the structure of our business model. We deliver our technologies and capabilities as a service, entailing no large upfront costs for our customers. We contract over the long-term and are required to perform over the long-term. It is a performance-linked approach for our customers, ensuring that our incentives are aligned with theirs.

With our origins being in the sugar industry, we are now diversifying into the ethanol and mining sectors, all the while exploring further opportunities to optimise the performance of Man, Machine and Data.

Engage with us. Let’s together deliver an Industrial Revolution and upgrade the World.

Mr. Andrew Charter, CEO at Nanodyn

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